HRC recognizes its duty and responsibility to gather like-minded people to promote human development, especially vulnerable groups.

Therefore we made up a Strategy that represents the purpose, vision, mission and aspiration of each member in the organization: For people!

I. Vision: A world where people have the highest value, dignity, are respected, human talent is used and promoted; A World in which people fully understand the situation of vulnerable groups, respect and create conditions for this group to integrate better and better into the development of society.

II. Mission: Gather all organizations and individuals with the same direction, research and apply scientific and technological researches, recommend and organize the implementation of solutions to fight for the protection of human rights, especially the group of vulnerable people.

III. Identity values:

Country – Ethnicity and Human Rights are the pillars of HRC’s idealism and that is the value of identity.
Serving vulnerable groups, especially ethnic minorities, people with disabilities, women and children.
Independent, always giving opinions based on the perception of truth, righteousness and universal values ​​of human morality.

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