Competition on “Understanding Child Early and Forced Marriage (CEFM)”

Within Communication Program of Research Center for Human Rights in Ethnic Minority and Mountainous Areas (HRC) on the implementation of the Project  Behavioral change communication to reduce CEFM in all the 22 middle schools in Cu M’gar district, Dac Lac province” ; Official Letter No. 7737 / UBND-TH dated September 23, 2019 of the People’s Committee of Dak Lak province on receiving the communication program of HRC; Official Letter No. 2353 / UBND-VP dated September 30, 2019 of the People’s Committee of Cu’Mgar district, assigned to the District Department of Education and Training in coordination with relevant agencies and units to receive the Communications Program of HRC, in the morning of November 18, 2019, Y Ngon Ni Kd Junior High School’s Board of Directors in collaboration with mass organizations in the school held a contest “Understanding Child Early and Forced Marriage (CEFM)” for all students in the school.

At the propaganda session, the pupiles were divided into 4 teams, taking part in 3 parts including: Greetings, Knowledge Competition, Thematic Drawing Contest and Rhetoric


Thùy Linh

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