Projects have been implemented by HRC

Estabished in March 2016, the Research Center for Human Rights in Ethnic, Mountainous Areas (HRC) has implemented the following projects and tasks:

1- Implementation of the national research topic: Some basic issues in the community relations among ethnic groups in Vietnam-Laos border line.

2- Survey, assess the situation of land leveling and change the occupation of ethnic minority people in the Southwest of Vietnam.

3- Survey of the need to understand the rights of ethnic minority people and Compilation of comic books: The ethnic people also have many rights.

4-Organizing the Seminar on Basic Issues of the Law on Support for Ethnic Minorities Development in Vietnam

5-Survey of building reports on the situation of people with disabilities in ethnic minority areas of Vietnam

6- Join the Union to stop using Ammonia to build a community group in Thai Nguyen,

7. Write a Book: Rights of ethnic minorities under the Constitution and Law of Vietnam.

In addition, HRC cooperated with and supported many partners in their project activities regarding ethnicminority and human rights.

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