Workshop on socio-economic development policies in very- minority ethnic people ‘s areas

In June 24, 2019, the National Assembly organized a workshop on socio-economic development policies of ethnic very-minority people. HRC has sent representatives to attend.

The problem of lack of productive land is heating up because the land of the State-Own Agriculture and Forestry Enterprises (SFE) returns to the locality are all barren land that cannot be produced, remoted and scattered.

On the other hand, when the land is recovered, the land management agency must re-measure each plot before giving it to the people. This is sometimes delayed due to lack of funds.

The SFE managed by the Province have basically done conducting a review of land payment for the locality, while the SFE managed by the Ministries and agencies are being late in this process.

Now moving the ownership from ministries to the State Capital Management Committee, once again, has to wait for a time to be resolved.

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